TEDxHickory Talks

TEDxHickory 2021 Talks

What can a teacher do when they see a student wasting their potential? The first step is to figure out
Have you noticed how divided we are? Grammy award-winning violinist-producer Miri Ben-Ari shows us how harmony works in music and
Stress, it’s everywhere we turn. Each day a new headline reveals how to beat, reduce or manage stress, as it
The closing piece in this TEDxTalk is about unity in the midst of diversity through the medium of music and

TEDxHickory 2019 Talks

Beginning in March 2018 as a weekly community improv workshop, Morganton Improv transitioned a couple months later into an improv
Before integration came to Catawba County, folks both black and white came out on Friday nights to witness an example
The more connected we become the more disconnected we become. People are more lonely, depressed, anxious, nervous than ever before
As we prepare to celebrate the sesquicentennial of Hickory, North Carolina next year, this talk will reconnect us to both
At 17, Joshua Elliott experienced the most vulnerable event of his life, being diagnosed with a brain tumor. In this
Did you know we all have a personal unicorn? In this creative and powerful talk, discover how to let your
I made the conscious decision to #letothersin to my journey with breast cancer. What if we adopted that mentality to
"The Wolf Crystal" is a project whose creation came about because of artists connecting with each other and collaborating. It
Social psychologist Karen Shackleford talks about how fictional stories are so consuming because they help us satisfy one of our
Dennis Gillan has survived the loss of two brothers to suicide and uses his time on the TEDx stage to

TEDxHickory 2018 Talks

One of the most often asked questions of actors is "How do you learn all of those lines?" and yet,
Over the past 100 years we have experienced major changes in the way we experience art. But perhaps no medium
We live in a time in which our knowledge is growing at an unprecedented rate. It is changing not only
Roben relives the trauma he shared with his hometown of Miami, which by 1981 became America's murder capital. Roben hosts
Turney Duff shares his tales of spectacular excess while illuminating the consequences of predicting future emotions. He always believe that
I learned early on, while on the debate team in high school, that there are many sides to a lot
If you want to raise a remarkable child; one who can perform like Mozart, score like Michael Jordan and become
Scott Regenbogen talks about how the ability for us to Make and Create and Design has become unlimited due to

TEDxHickory 2017 Talks

This talk discusses the economic potential of social welfare programs. Social impact creates economic value. The example used is the
Is it true that spoken words are responsible for the emotional wounds we feel? If there was something else at
We have ways to measure so many key metrics in our lives. We step on a scale to check our
When you hear the word “bully,” do you think of the overt schoolyard type? Long-time equality advocate Mitchell Gold says
Do you know someone living their life's passion? Their happiness is inspiring. Want to live your life with purpose? Yet finding it
Sharks can teach us a lot about failure, self pity, and cerebral palsy. This is my story. Fox Beyer is
This presentation is a call to action about the role art museums should play in catalyzing the next phase of
Sometimes, taking a step forward requires taking a step back. “Why you shouldn’t grow up” is an idea that encompasses
In today’s connected society, how “should” we present ourselves to those that “should” be listening? Who we were and how
My talk is a reminder that dreams can come true at any age! As the founder of a unique non