Brain Fitness for Kids: Cloning the DNA of Einstein | Edie Raether

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If you want to raise a remarkable child; one who can perform like Mozart, score like Michael Jordan and become unstoppable like Oprah Winfrey, these mind-empowering techniques promise to make it happen. Evidence-based research methods, including The Raikov Effect, Pavlov, Neuroscience and Psychodrama, show you how to unlock the brain’s hidden power and potential to think and act like Einstein or your chosen hero. With depression now a crisis in children, and bullying, violence, obesity and addictions claiming the lives of our youth, we must upgrade their mental software to more effectively deal with life’s challenges.

As a Change Strategist and Brain Trainer, Edie Raether is an international keynote speaker,corporate consultant, parenting coach and expert on human potential and motivation to optimize performance. Experienced in conflict resolution, She has also been a psychotherapist, family counselor, occupational therapist, college professor, and talk show host with affiliates of ABC. From children to CEOs, Edie’s keynotes and seminars create a “mindshift” that optimizes performance both personally and in the workplace. Passionate about “why” we do what we do, Her mind-mastery strategies ignite breakthrough thinking and innovation to revolutionize how work gets done. A bestselling author, Edie has written seven inspirational and business books, including I Believe I Can Fly, an empowering character-building program for children. She is a frequent resource for all media including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, NBC and Reuters. Her nuts-and-bolts approach makes all her programs relevant and resolution-oriented to make change happen.

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