The Power of Knowing Your Lines | Bill Morgan

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One of the most often asked questions of actors is “How do you learn all of those lines?” and yet, that is the often the easiest and perhaps least important ingredient to a successful performance. Different actors approach the task in different ways and their knowledge of lines isn’t really what want to talk about. However, a deep knowledge of our “lines”–the fundamentals of our jobs–frees us up to get past those lines and limitations to transform the mundane into the memorable.

Bill Morgan is known to local theatre audiences for his performances in such diverse and iconic roles as King Arthur, Harold Hill, Inspector Javert, Atticus Finch, and dozens of citizens from Tuna, Texas. He was the Manager and Artistic Director of the Old Opera House Theatre Company in Charles Town, WV from 1995-2003. Bill has hosted two radio talk shows, worked in a print shop, managed three restaurants, delivered singing telegrams, and, if needed, can juggle, eat fire, and ride a unicycle. He is married to Michelle Morgan and has a B.A. and B.S. from Lambuth University and his law degree from Wake Forest School of Law. He is an attorney and mediator at Morgan Law, PLLC, directs the choir at Archangel Gabriel Orthodox Mission, and serves on the boards of the Catawba County Arts Council and the Green Room Community Theatre.

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