The Future of Movie Theaters | Alan Jackson

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Over the past 100 years we have experienced major changes in the way we experience art. But perhaps no medium has experienced more change than the way we experience movies and films. With movie theaters consolidating and focusing more on the number of times they can show a film and the ticket price they can charge, we are losing the sense of theaters being “museums for film” and also distancing the ticket holder from the full experience they could be having. Alan discusses how the movie-going experience has evolved over the years and what theaters must do today in order to stay relevant and return the movie-going experience to a true appreciation of the art form.

Alan is the founder and current Strategic Director of Jackson Creative, a custom video and marketing media production firm helping organizations tell their stories through video, online media and podcasts. After having spent over twenty years in healthcare survey consulting with the family business The Jackson Group he now serves as the Director of Jackson Insight, a survey research and consulting firm specializing in customer experience, market perception, and employee engagement surveys. Alan is also the co-founder of the Footcandle Film Society, a membership-driven non-profit organization that hosts film screenings, discussions, and educational events throughout the year. The film society was started in 2007 and currently has over 600 members. The film society also started the Footcandle Film Festival in 2015, an annual weekend-long event that bring a variety of films and their filmmakers to the Catawba County area. Alan is married to Suzanne and has three boys ranging in age from 12 to 24.

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