How to Change the World by Being an Influencer | Jen Hoverstad

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I made the conscious decision to #letothersin to my journey with breast cancer. What if we adopted that mentality to social media? Instead of making it about portraying an ideal life, what if we made it about sharing the raw footage? What if we encouraged others through our social outlets? This talk specifically addresses the idea of digitally connecting with each other through real life and vulnerability – a vantage point that many of us purposely avoid on social media.

Diagnosed with an aggressive stage three breast cancer at only 34 years old in March 2018, Jen Hoverstad immediately took her story to social media for a transparent look at what it’s like to face cancer as both a young professional and mom to two toddlers. She’s become known for using social media as a tool for transparency and encouragement. Jen speaks to groups not only to share the lessons of perseverance and positivity she learned through cancer, but to help others recognize their own capacity to influence those around them. An attorney by day, Jen serves as an advisory board member for the A.E. Finley YMCA in Raleigh, and is a board member for the Helene Foundation, a North Carolina non-profit that supports moms in active cancer treatment. Her story has been featured on WRAL-TV and through the Healthline platform. She finds inspiration in sharing the life stories of others through her “Greater Than” series featured on her blog and on her upcoming podcast (releasing in Winter 2019). Learn more about Jen at

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