The Courage to Connect | Jeremy Boone

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The more connected we become the more disconnected we become. People are more lonely, depressed, anxious, nervous than ever before in part due to digital connection. We chase HI-TECH, we’re drowned in HIGH-TASK, but we need HI-TOUCH to live a better life. Using a little known science called axiology since 2008, I have researched and presented the relationship between human and digital connection and high performance.

Jeremy Boone is a performance coach, author, speaker, and researcher helping to build bolder, braver, and better leaders in sports, business, and in life through the power of connection. Jeremy spent twenty seven years in high performance sports and coaching over twenty-five World & Olympic Champions. In 2006 Jeremy was part of a small group of professionals dedicated to bringing Formal Axiology, the science of human value and decision making, to the world of sports. He is currently considered the world’s leading expert in what is now known as Sports Axiology. With this science, he has profiled the decision making patterns of thousands of high performers world wide and created a number of educational programs and authored books helping coaches, parents, and athletes learn how to lead more effectively and build winning cultures. Jeremy has been covered in print and broadcast outlets including USA Today, the Sporting News, the Boston Globe, The Charlotte Observer, Fox Sports, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Medium, and more. He is also the host of the iTunes featured podcast ‘Coach Your Best’, interviewing New York Times best selling authors and world class coaches and educators. Most recently, he has launched ‘The Desire To Lead’ program initiative for high schools helping to connect today’s youth to their future.

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