Why You Should Never Grow Up | Cedric Clyburn

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Sometimes, taking a step forward requires taking a step back. “Why you shouldn’t grow up” is an idea that encompasses risk-taking, attitude, and lifestyle. Growing up, we sometimes lose the qualities that allowed us to explore and truly have fun; spending too much time and energy dwelling on issues, one foot in the future and one foot in the past. But what happens when we keep both feet in the middle, become truly in the moment? My name is Cedric Clyburn, I’m 16, and I want to let you know why having to grow up is one of your worst life events, but also why and how to install youthlike qualities back into your lifestyle. Being born and raised in Catawba County, Cedric Clyburn cherishes the community, the people, and the lifestyle that Hickory has to offer. Currently a High School student attending Catawba Valley Community College, he is a prominent student leader within the SkillsUSA Organization and local Entrepreneurship community. With experience in digital marketing and online commerce, he helps connect customers to the local brands they love. Cedric is also a Co-Founder of FarmToHome, which some describe as the communities’ “farmer’s market on wheels.” Life is all about moderation, and Cedric believes a bit of nature can cure anything! He enjoys the local Blue Ridge activities such as hiking and mountain biking in the Pisgah National Forest. His quote to live by is “All they can tell you is ‘no’.”

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