Three Secrets to Meaningful Connection (As Told to Me by a Unicorn) | Patty Adams

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Did you know we all have a personal unicorn? In this creative and powerful talk, discover how to let your unicorn remind you to believe in infinite possibilities and develop the type of meaningful connection that will allow you to live your best life.

Therapeutic Riding instructor, Patty Adams, shares the science behind the magic of Equine Facilitated Learning so that we can all benefit from the ‘secrets of the unicorn’. Patty Adams is the Executive Director of Spirit Ride Therapeutic Riding Center in Banner Elk, North Carolina. She and her husband, Craig, founded the Center with one goal in mind: to provide children with special healthcare needs an opportunity to reach their full potential through Equine Facilitated Learning. Adams believes that all families, regardless of socioeconomic status deserve access to high-quality therapeutic services. Her background as an educator, coach, dancer, and musician, combined with her love for horses, provides the perfect knowledge base for her work in the area of Equine Facilitated Learning. As a board-certified Equine Interaction Professional in Education, her priorities are placed on an individualized and goal-oriented educational approach. Although she truly loved the years she spent teaching in the public school system, she can’t imagine a more beautiful classroom than the fields of the North Carolina high country. Patty’s proudest accomplishments are her three sons who provided her with three perfect daughters-in-law and the three cutest grandchildren in the world.

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