Connect to Your Passion By Paying Attention to the Whisper | Adriana Girdler

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Do you know someone living their life’s passion? Their happiness is inspiring. Want to live your life with purpose? Yet finding it can be tricky. In this fun and personal talk, Adriana shares her story of moving from feeling stuck to finding her purpose by paying attention to the whisper. Our purpose ignites our passion and drives us to get to the next level in life. This TEDx talk is about how to get to what’s next in our life and implementing steps to get there (via personal vision statements). We’re here to learn and grow, and this talk on connecting with our passion is a great tool.

In this TEDx talk, Adriana reveals:

• How to tap into your deep-seated goals and dreams you aspire to in life.

• How visioning can turn your internal no’s to a vibrant yes.

• How to draw or use photos to quickly and effectively create a motivating personal vision statement.

• How Adriana manifested her own personal desires into a new, unexpected, venture.

• Why visioning is a powerful tool to connect to your passion.

For more information on Visual Visioning, check out Adriana can be found on Twitter @AdrianaGirdler.

Thanks for watching this video. I hope it inspired you to move forward to achieve more with your life.

Adriana is a noted business efficiency and productivity specialist. She is known for her passion, charisma, humor, and vision. Her engaging personality, combined with years of efficiency experience improving how companies and people work have made her one of Canada’s top productivity experts.  Adriana is President of CornerStone Dynamics, a prominent business productivity consulting firm — helping both individuals and businesses do what they do, only better. Her clients include Microsoft, LinkedIn, Sleeman, Shell and many more leading organizations. Adriana is a certified lean six sigma master black belt. She also holds PMP (project management professional) and CET (certified engineering technologist) designations, along with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Adriana is a regular Huff Post contributor, and is regularly featured in national and local media. She’s a speaker and author of eight books. Adriana loves what she does and is passionate about improvement and productivity in both people and organizations. Connect with her on Twitter @AdrianaGirdler or visit to learn more.

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